Metal Works 360 Inc.

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Our goal is to provide you with outstanding customer service and high quality products.  We offer a full line of auto body equipment including frame machines, custom car paint booths, and large truck paint booths.  At Metal Works 360 Inc. we can custom build a paint booth to fit any space you have, or to accomadate anything you could ever want to paint.  Low ceilings and extra tight spaces aren't a problem for us.  We custom build each booth per order in our manufacturing facility.  We employ American workers and build American products.

At Metal Works we also manufacture a full line of saw mill eqpuipment.  From our industry leading short log debarker to some of the most dependable band saws on the market.  We can customize an entire operation to fit your needs, from the first log deck to the last stacking belt.  Give us a chance to design a new layout and quote your equipment.

Not only do we specialize in auto body and saw mill equipment, we also do custom metal work for any industry.  We have a full line of ornamental and custom wrought iron fabrication.  Metal Works offers custom privacy gates, complete with electric actuators, in car remotes, visitor key pads, and many more accessories.  With our full machine shop and raw material handling capabilities we can create almost anything out of metal.